Årsarkiv: 2009

Inte bara kört tåg

Efter flera år så har jag kommit igång lite igen. Har nu bärjat lägga ballast på den undre nivån. Så har bangårde resnats upp från lite av alla saker som låg där. Hoppas kunna göra en hel del jobb under ledigheten. Kanske till och med få upp lite luftledning på stationen och plattformar. Finns massor att göra så det gäller bara att komma igång.

MMM at MJ-Hobbyexperten

MJ-Hobbyexported has invited MMM to do a two day display with a few modules in the shop. Specific modules was selected to be on the display. A few new modules of high standard. Everything was quite relaxed and everything running smooth. A small display of Faller cars also in the show.
Myself just bought 5 carriages made by NMJ. Models of SJ coaches from the 60’s. Really didnät need them, but the price was good.

Modelltrains -09

Yet another weekend with nothing else but trains. Lots of old freinds but also a few new ones. Myself without any module. Need to change that until next year.
Lots of visitors. Some 225 arive by an old train from Stockholm. A few hundred less on the Sunday. Lots of question to answer and thats fun.
For the first time there was wagons transfered from 3R layout to the 2R. Has been planned for a few years, but now it actually happends. To do that a special module was build to connect hall 5 with hall 6.